“What a great experience I am having here! The program director Chris is SUPER! We meet individually every week for an hour and address my personal needs and goals. Plenty of meetings are close by for both young and old. They have a really big young peoples meeting twice a week and there are numerous meetings at the Alpharetta Clubhouse for men only, women only, young people predominately, etc. Must be about five meetings a day or so. Also the apartments here are really nice. New and modern with plenty of amenities. LOVE the free washer and dryer!

This is the best move I have ever made to improve my life. Anchor Sober Living may very well have helped save my life. I am so grateful to have a safe, convenient and supportive environment to live in along with a knowledgeable and compassionate staff that really cares.” Chip R.

“So I came to this point in my life that I needed to make a change and try and to save my life and get it
back from the grips of my addictions. When I came to anchor in October of 2017 I was lost. The staff and
my other community brothers have collectively contributed to my recovery and I am blessed to have a
network and sense of comradery. I wouldn’t take it back for the world. I got my sobriety and more
importantly my life back. I give them a million thanks for the selfless help and time they have been
giving me and continue to on a daily basis. I love my life and I love my recovery family that I cherish. My
hat is off to everyone involved. Anchor down and ride out the waves until the sea calms down.”

Nicholas B.

“I would recommend Anchor to anyone who needs help with addiction. It’s a great place if you have
recently seeked some kind of treatment and are looking for a place to live, work and get your life back
together. You learn how to function in your every day life and come home to a sober place. I recently
moved out of Anchor and was able to get a place where my daughter can live with me a few days a week
and that was my main objective coming in. Chris was amazing, he is in long term recovery himself so he
understands what it takes and he will be with you from day one, he was for me. This is not a place where
you are locked down. There is a curfew for your first 6 months but you can have your car there. You can
work and get weekend passes to spend time with your family. I originally planned on staying 6 months
at the most but Anchor felt more like living at home and I ended up staying 14 months!! Alpharetta was
a great town to get sober in and the apartments Chris provides for his residents are as about as nice as
they come. Very luxurious apartments, something I wasnt expecting and something that is hard to find
in a sober living. Chris still has a great group of guys there and I plan on attending as many group outings
with them as I can. Thanks again Chris for everything you do!

Lane B.

“Alright, so let me start by saying halfway houses, or sober-living communities have NEVER been an
option for me. I thought they we’re bogus, and that they wouldn’t be able to help me in the slightest….
Until the day I came across Anchor Sober Living. This prorgam has done so much for me, and the guys I
now call brothers. If you’re as sceptical as I was coming into this program, I can almost GAURENTEE you
that you will be amazed at the results, and that is coming from someone who had the mindset that
nothing, or nobody could help him stay clean and sober, but my gosh, was I terribly wrong… Anchor
Sober living has done that for me, and still continues to aid me in living this way of life still today! I’m
honestly at a loss for words at how much this program has helped me to learn how to live again, as well
as my brothers here at ASL. If you’re looking to live a new, great quality way of life, I HIGHLY consider
you look into this program, because for me, personally it has changed my life, as well as saved it, and I’m
more than willing to bet it can do the exact same for you. Thank you Chris for showing me that those
walls that get in the way of a quality life CAN ABSOLUTELY be knocked down here at ASL, and my
brothers and I are living proof of that.”

Chase B.

“As a recent graduate from Anchor sober living, I can honestly say that i wouldn’t be where i am
now, without Chris or his program. Anchor provided me with the tools and opportunities to
grow in recovery. I have received more gifts from Anchor than i could ever repay. Thank you
Chris for the opportunity and having my back every step along the way. I am forever grateful.

Joe D

“As a client at Anchor I was taught to establish the essential tools for the growth and maintenance of my recovery. Over the 9 months I’ve been with Anchor, I was guided to make the best decisions for me and my program. Although Anchor helped me with learning about my disease and what I can do to grow in my program, I had to do the work. Anchor provides an exceptional segue from rehab into the real world. I was helped in developing a plan of action that would allow me to live my life while keeping my recovery first. Anchor taught me the importance of making meetings, getting a sponsor, and working with others. I would recommend Anchor to anyone seeking help, and a better way to live.

John O

“Our son was deep into his addiction with Heroin, living in places we’d never imagined. He was on a road to nowhere fast. With our son living in Ohio, we desperately tried to find him a place to go for detox and rehab to no avail. After numerous calls, no return calls and doors shutting in our face we were faced with the reality that we had to get him out of Ohio. We used to live in Atlanta and had heard of Anchor Sober Living through community contacts. We talked with them and made a plan to get our son on a plane to Atlanta. Chris from Anchor Sober Living met him at the airport, took him to detox for 5 nights then into Anchor for a safe house and their program. That was 9 months ago. He is still living at Anchor, sober, accountable, in the 12 step program, working full time, helping others and has found God. We are truly grateful for what Anchor Sober Living has done for all the men who have been living in this sober living environment. Some make it a new life style, others may not; it’s up to you. But Anchor encourages you, holds you accountable, builds you up, bonds you with others like yourself and most of all gives you a safe place to live to rebuild your new life! Our son now calls Georgia his home. Thank you Anchor Sober Living!

Candy H. (parent)

Based in Johns Creek, Georgia and serving the Greater Atlanta area